You need Java to run jEmplode. Go to and click "Get it Now". After you hava Java installed, download jemplode.jar below and then you can either double click jemplode.jar to launch or run "java -jar jemplode.jar" from the commandline.

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Docs on Advanced Search Queries and Tag Names

If you want serial support, you will need to install the Java Comm Extension. Because that extension requires access to native code, you will need to download and install the one for you platform. For Windows, I'll include the files here, but for other platforms, you will need to download and install the files yourself. has a free implementation of the Comm API for several platforms.

Windows files:
comm.jar - put this in your JRE's lib/ext folder. - put this in your JRE's lib folder.

win32com.dll - put this in your path somewhere. I usually put it in my JRE's bin folder

USB is only available on Windows at the moment. It's basically just a wrapper around Rio's original USB driver, so you will need that installed for it to work. This doesn't get any love, so it may or may not work for you. I just used it recently and it worked for my limited testing, but that's about all I will promise.

jEmplode.dll - put this in your path somewhere. Your JRE's bin folder or your windows/Windows System32 folder will do.

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